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Happy Holidays from RALI Maryland

Marylanders are working together across the state to fight prescription drug misuse and keep our communities safe. This holiday season, as we spend more time with our loved ones, we all have an opportunity to help prevent addiction.

Each of us can help. Here are a few of the ways:

1) Take time to talk to your family and friends about the issue – make sure they understand the dangers of prescription drug misuse and share helpful resources.

2) Learn the warning signs of misuse. Early identification is crucial. The “Warning Signs” section of our site has a guide to help you spot some of the signs.

3) Keep all prescription medications at home secure and out of the reach of children. When you are finished using medications, safely dispose of any medicine left over. See the “Safe Disposal” section of our site for the three simple methods for proper disposal.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling, there are many local resources available. Our partners are working across the state to help. You can find links to their sites in the “Leaders Making a Difference” section of our site.

From all of us at RALI Maryland and our partners, have a safe and healthy holiday.

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