If someone you know has started misusing opioids,
early intervention is critically important. Learning the warning signs of opioid addiction can help protect your family, friends and communities.

Many physical and behavioral changes could indicate that someone is misusing prescription opioids or illegal drugs, like heroin or fentanyl.

Common signs of opioid misuse:


Increase in fatigue or drowsiness

Rapid weight loss

Frequent constipation
or nausea

Decline in personal hygiene

Wearing long sleeves regardless of the season


Unexplained absences from school or work

Loss of interest in hobbies

A drop in grades or performance at work

Spending less time with friends or family

Hanging out with a new friend group

Indicators in
the Home

Missing prescription medications

Empty pill bottles

Paraphernalia, such as syringes, shoe laces or rubber hose, kitchen spoons, aluminum foil, straws, lighters

If you suspect a loved one is misusing opioids, there are a number of resources that can help prepare you for a conversation with them.
For parents of young adults who may be misusing opioids, it’s important
to talk to your family doctor about prevention and treatment strategies.

Read more about methods for preventing opioid misuse, spotting
warning signs and talking to a loved one if you suspect there is a problem.

RALI Maryland is an alliance of more than a dozen local, state and national organizations committed to finding solutions to end the opioid crisis in Maryland.